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Lesvos is the third biggest island in Greece. It is the emerald island of Northeastern Aegean. Situated only 5 miles away from Asia Minor coastline, between the islands of Chios and Limnos, Lesvos is an island of immense beauty, which will enchant you with its mysterious forests, dramatic coastline, magnificent sunsets and luxuriant vegetation.

Lesvos is world renowned for its great diversity of flora and fauna species. The temperate climate, inland rivers and natural hot springs all contribute to maintain the surprisingly lush vegetation. Mountains covered with pine forests and silvery olive groves are interchanged with areas of barren yet dramatic volcanic stone. On this lunar landscape in the Southwest of the island between Sigri and Eressos lies the magnificent Petrified Forest and the Museum of Natural History with innumerable fossil findings of great importance. 

Lesvos, as it can be seen through its three thousand year-uninterrupted history, its abundance of poets, musicians, philosophers and lawgivers, was one of the greatest cultural centers of the Greek World.
It was the birthplace of the Lyric poets Alcaeos and Sappho, Mithymnean guitarist Arion, Theophrastus, Periander, Mirtilos the historian, Matriketas the astronomer as well as contemporary literary celebrities such as Argiris Eftaliotis, Stratis Mirivillis, Helias Venezis and Theophilos the painter.

This idyllic scenery inspired Loggos in 3rd century B.C. to write his pastoral novel “Daphnis and Chloe” which in turn inspired many other artists and authors through the centuries. One of them was Morris Ravel, the famous French composer who composed a ballet under the same name performed for the first time by the great dancer Nizinski in Paris in 1912.
As a holiday destination, Lesvos is HARD to BETTER. It is ideal both for relaxation and quiet work as well as lively nightlife. It is big enough to avoid “island claustrophobia” since there’s constant change of scenery. Finally, being close to Asia Minor it is easy for visitors to organize trips to visit Troy or to explore the coastline of ancient Ionia.