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Mountain Lepetymnos rises magnificently above Molivos at the North Edge of Lesvos. It is an idyllic environment for trekking and hiking. A chain of little villages spreads at the foot area of the mountain: Vafios, Argenos, Chalicas (Lepetymnos), Sykamia and Skala Sykamia.

Chestnut, walnut and plane trees, ravines, cobble paved paths, steep mountain slopes, endemic and migratory birds, squirrels and foxes constitute an enchanting scenery for promenades. Signs indicating the itinerary can be found at the entrance and exit of each walk, at bypasses, crossroads and stops.
Such routes are:

  • Molyvos-Water reservoir-Ligones(Valley of the Mills)-Vafios
  • Sykamia-Lepetymnos-Saint Anna
  • Eftalou-Argenos-Vafios
  • Vafios-Chapel of Prophet Helias at the peak of Mount Lepetymnos.

In Mithymna (Molivos) there are many places to rent a bike as well as many routes of immense natural beauty worth seeing:

  • Eftalou-SkalaSykamia
  • Molivos-Water Reservoir-Petra
  • Eftalou-Vafios-Stipsi

Tourist Agencies in the area organize various daily excursions to all the beautiful spots of the Island of Lesvos by boats or coaches. There are also many car rentals with a variety of cars and scooters for you to choose from, if you wish to get better acquainted with the Island on your own.
Fishing is one of the favourite pastimes of locals. You can hire boats and local fishermen will guide you and initiate you in the art of fishery.

Another wonderful idea in order to come closer to nature and the Old Life Style are daily donkey rides and horseback riding tours along the many paths in the vicinity of Molivos. Experienced riders will guide your way to beautiful country sights where you’ll have pleasant moments of relaxation.

Those of you who like traditional dances and wish to learn and not just watch, the Dance Company of Molivos gives lessons of local Greek Dances. Furthermore, every summer there is an open-air cinema at the entrance of the village showing all the Box Office Hits of the season.
In the middle of the Old Market above the Conference Hall there is the Public Library with 10,000 volumes. Here you can find information about the History of Mithymna (Molivos).

The Municipality of Mithymna organizes various cultural events such as art exhibitions at the “House of Arts S.Tryphon” at the harbour of the village and at the Municipal Art Gallery in Market Street, concerts and theatrical performances at the renovated castle or the little theatre in Lefkonikou Square during summer months July and August. Every year a timetable is printed and distributed to visitors and citizens informing them about the program. Feel free to ask for a copy or further information at the tourist information office next to the National Bank, the Centre of Citizens’ Service beneath the Conference Hall or the Town Hall.

Finally Molivos is well known for its nightlife: little bars and big clubs with unique style and great DJs playing the latest hits, dancing, exotic cocktails and beautiful people, Greek nightclubs with live Greek music where you can see how locals enjoy themselves dancing and singing all night long.
Mithymna (Molivos) is the heart of Lesvos.

We’re looking forward to meeting you and offering you moments of relaxation and great fun.