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Earth is more than just a place we inherited from our predecedors. It is the living space we borrowed from our children. Recycling is not a matter of future generations anymore. It is a necessity today.

The Union of Restaurateurs and Relevant Occupations has made a great effort for the protection of environment by collecting all the used cooking oils from its member businesses and sending them to a special recycling company which turns it into bio-fuel and bio-lubricants.

More specifically when oils are used to the point they’re inadequate for any more use in frying or cooking, instead of becoming waste with the known environmental concequences they’re collected in order to cover energy and lubricant needs.
Bio-fuels and bio-lubricants produced by the right processing of these oils are more Eco-friendly since they pollute environment much less than conventional fuel and lubricants. At the same time, through this process we contribute to the decrease of the quantity of fossil fuel and lubricants our country imports helping thus its energy and trade balance.
Note that through the procedure reffered above we comply with the European Union instruction on the handling of used cooking oils which has additionally been incorporated into the Greek legal system and enforces particular and strict procedures on the matter of waste disposal. Furthermore, the Union participates in the recycling process through a selection programme at the source, which helps in the reduction of the amount of waste ending up at the Central Sanitary Burial Rubbish Dumps.

The results of this procedure:

  • Inadequate oils are completely discarded from the food chain. They’re not reused after special illegal refinery in cooking, something which is completely ban by law. We avoid even their indirect entrance in the food chain through their illegal use to produce provender.
  • We avoid the problems we have with the drainage system when used cooking oils go through it blocking the pipes.
  • We reduce the amount of waste reaching the Central Sanitary Burial Rubbish Dumps.
  • We do not pollute the water.
  • We reuse a useless material in a way which isn’t dangerous for our health. On the contrary it protects it. Biofuel and Biolubricants produced from our waste pollute the environment much less than their equivalent fossil fuels and lubricants.
  • The industrial production of biofuels and biolubricants get their raw materials at very low prices.