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Villages of Mithymna

EFTALOU: At the North eastern side of Lesvos after the Municipal Camping Site begins the area of Eftalou. There are many small bays where you can relax and have a swim. There are hotels and restaurants alongside the coast. At the end of the asphalt road is the Eftalou beach. It is an organized beach with W.C, showers and changing rooms. Every year it receives a Blue Flag by the E.U for its cleanliness and crystal clear waters.
However, the gem of Eftalou is the beach of Agioi Anargyroi, which in reality is a formation of one long, and many small pebble beaches with wonderful crystal clear waters. You leave your car just before the Hot Baths and then you walk along the beach for some metres. There are showers and changing rooms. There is also a restaurant and a small chapel with a guesthouse in its yard. Every year it is awarded with a Blue Flag by the E.U. 

VAFIOS: Only 5Klms from Molivos, at the western foot of Mount Lepetymnos on the way to Sykamia, Mandamados, Mytilene, there is the small village of Vafios with its 150 inhabitants. It used to be a rural settlement on the border of the ancient “TEMPLE” of ancient Mithymna. According to a legend, Vafios most probably took its name after the dyers’ shops (vafia) existing there for the dyeing of clothes and hand-woven materials of Ancient Mithymneans. Today it is a renowned gastronomic destination.
Places of interest are the Church of Saint Paraskevi in the middle of the village and the chapel of Saint John, which is situated at a beautiful spot taking the first path on the left as you leave Vafios towards Mandamados.
In the summer two feasts take place in Vafios to honour these two Saints, one on 26th July for Saint Paraskevi and one for Saint John on 29th August. There is live Greek music with traditional food and lots of wine and dancing at the restaurants and cafes of the village. 

ARGENNOS: Argennos is a village situated at the foot of Mount Lepetymnos, only 6klm from the traditional settlement of Vafios, on the road to Mandamados-Mytilene. It has 240 inhabitants whose main occupation is farming and animal breeding. There is a Dairy Product Cooperative as well as a few private dairies, which produce delicious cheese such as the renowned Argenos Gruyere. The settlement has been built around a cobble stone square with many traditional Greek coffee shops overlooking the overgrown ravines and the beauty of the Aegean Sea. Here you can try Greek Coffee or ouzo with the meze(dips) of the day. Other places worth visiting are the Valetas Museum and the Church of Saint George dating from 1838. Every summer after Easter (23rd April) there is a feast in honour of the Saint at the Square of the village.

LEPETYMNOS: Lepetymnos is situated only 3 Klms from Argennos in an area full of ravines overgrown with chestnut, walnut, plane trees and ferns. It is a small settlement of 155 inhabitants. Originally it was situated on the right side of the main road going to Mitylene. Due to a terrible landslide and the extended damage of the houses the settlement was moved to the left side of the road at the bottom of the ravine in 1968. A place worth visiting is the Church of Mother Virgin with its beautiful garden where a two day feast with traditional Greek music takes place every year on August 15th.

SIKAMIA: Just 2 Klm from Lepetymnos lies the magnificent traditional settlement of Sikamia, the birth place of the world famous literary figure Stratis Mirivilis.
The traditional stone houses built amphitheatrically on one of the many ravines of Mount Lepetymnos, amidst lush vegetation, the cobble stone alleys and the unmatched in beauty and tranquility village square surrounded by traditional Greek Coffee Shops make Sikamia one of the most breathtaking spots of the Municipality of Mithymna. It is a true gem.
Here you should visit the Folk Art Museum created with locals’ donations and the supervision of the Women’s Association “Saint Fotini”. It is hosted at the ground floor of Sikamia Primary School.
Other places worth visiting are the family house of the author Stratis Mirivilis and the Church of Saint Fotini dating from 1850. A feast is organized at the square of Sikamia to honour the Saint, every year, one month after Greek Easter.

SKALA SIKAMIA: At the hairpin exiting Sykamia take the left road leading to the picturesque haven of Skala Sykamia. The white chapel of Mother Virgin Mermaid on the rock is the same one, which a century ago inspired the celebrated author of “The Teacher with the Golden Eyes”, Stratis Mirivilis, to write his book “Mother Virgin Mermaid”. Here you’ll relax while tasting delicious delicacies at the fish taverns or enjoy your coffee while looking at the bustling movement of the port. The enchanting scenery will leave you breathless.