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The vineyard is one of the few plants, which have been cultivated in Greece since prehistoric times. Even in Homeric Epics it is referred how well acquainted were people around the world with the processes of vineyard cultivation and wine making.
Strabo, the great ancient geographer, says that Lesvos, Chios and Cos were renowned for the quality and quantity of their wine production. In ancient times the wine of Lesvos was compared to the Nectar of Olympian Gods.


Methymneos was an epithet of Dionysus, Greek god of wine (Plutarch, Moralia,C). “Methymneos”, the first bottled wine in the history of Lesvos, is made from the revived Lesvos Grape Variety, which produced the most expensive wine of antiquity and the only wine in the harems of the sultans. This variety is cultivated today according to the principles of organic farming on the lavas that once formed the Petrified Forest of the island of Lesvos. True to the Ancient Greek ideal of the harmonious coexistence of opposites, Methymneos red or white is a full-bodied wine, but has a delicate bouquet and a strong minerality. Methymneos winery is situated at the entrance of the village Chidira on the island of Lesvos. (www.methymneos.gr)

Limnos is an island which belongs to the Prefecture of Lesvos. Today it is worldwide known for the production and superb quality of its wines. Alexandrian Muscat is the variety that predominates in the vine-cultivation of Limnos. Wine producers continue the tradition and cultivate this unique in taste grape variety on Limnos volcanic soil thus producing exquisite wines for centuries.
The most famous wines are produced by: Limnos E.A.S (www.limnoswines.gr), Chatzigeorgiou, Chonas, Savoglou etc.