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Stuffed Lamb from Mytilene

Ingredients (5-6 servings):
The torso of a lamb without the head or legs, the juice of 1 lemon salt & pepper, 1 tablespoon olive oil, 2 heaping tablespoons cooking grease, 2 cups rice half of the lamb liver cut into small pieces, 2 large onions diced, 1 medium-sized potato cubed, two slices of bread without the crust cubed, 2 level tablespoons sugar, 2 tablespoons black currants, 2 tablespoons pine nuts, parsley finely chopped, mustard.
Wash the lamb thoroughly and rub it with the lemon juice. Season it with the salt and pepper.

Rinse the rice. In a deep frying pan heat the olive oil and grease and separately brown the potato cubes, the bread cubes and the liver. Brown the onions and add the rice. While they saute add the browned potato, bread and liver cubes, the currants and the rest of the ingredients. Saute the whole mixture and add a small glass of water. Let it simmer for a few minutes and remove the pan from the burner. Add the chopped parsley.

Stuff the lamb with the mixture and sew it up using toothpicks or skewers. Place it in a large roasting pan, spread mustard over the lamb and cover the pan with aluminum foil or grease paper. Roast it at 100 oC for 5-6 hours. Then remove the foil of paper, turn the heat up, and cook until brown.
The lamb can also be roasted in a clay baking dish covered at 200 oC for 3 hours.