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Chick-peas with meat

1 kilo of chick-peas, 1 kilo of veal, 1/2 kilo of onions, 1 cup of olive oil, 1/2 kilo of tomato paste, 1 spoonful of soda, 1 tea-spoonful of salt.

Put the peas into lukewarm water and salt to soak overnight. In the morning strain them and put them in a bowl, mix them with soda. Allow them to stand in the soda for about half an hour and then wash them with plenty of running water. Boil them into plenty of water for 1 hour. Put the meat on to heat with the onions and the oil and turn it so that it browns evenly. Add water and when the meat is ready (tender). Put the peas in the meat with the tomato paste and pepper and when they are soft add half spoonful of salt.
Chick-peas with meat