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Welcome to MolivosWINEnDINE.com

Our Portal, MOLIVOSWINEnDINE.com, is a pioneer and innovative proposal concerning the visitors of our area, either coming from Greece or abroad in Molivos WINE & DINE Associationorder for them to become acquainted with our gastronomic tradition as well as a variety of other local cultural, alternative and environmental activities.

This project derives from the common effort made by the members of Molivos Wine and Dine Union, “MITHYMNA”, and is partly financed by the European Community program LEADER.

It is our strong belief that in this short Internet surfing you’ll have the chance to get a sample taste of the rich gastronomic culture based on local products always remaining faithful to the standards of Mediterranean diet. The cultivation of olives, olive-oil extraction, the production of dairy products, the abundance of fresh and salt fish, ouzo and wine production are some of the unique ingredients which make our recipes superb and Lesvos cuisine worthy of its well gained reputation.

All the inhabitants, particularly Wine and Diners of our area welcome you wishing to make your acquaintance and promise you memorable moments.