The Association

Mithymna (Molyvos), Lesvos | 22530-71990

The Local Wine and Dine Union, “MITHYMNA”, in Mithymna Lesvos, was founded on 10th May 1985 and is a member of the Hellenic Wine and Dine Union.
Its activities are:

  • The study, promotion and support concerning any arising problems or issues connected to the profession of its members and the financial, tourist and social development of the area.
  • The participation in a variety of councils, conventions and events concerning the union’s matters.
  • The development of the educational level of its members, the bonds of solidarity and camaraderie between them as well as the common effort in defending and establishing any professional claims.
  • The organization of seminars, film projections and lectures in order to enlighten the public.
  • The cultivation of relationships with professional, intellectual and scientific institutions or organizations with similar interests and purposes.
  • The publication of magazines, books, informative leaflets and any other kind of print, which project the union’s views and informs society.
  • The organization of important events that promote local gastronomy, culture and the local natural environment enhancing thus the improvement of the tourist product and the inhabitants’ quality of life.

The Local Union counts 57 active members who are all part of the board of members.
It is run by the council, the President, the Vice President, the Secretary General, the Cashier and three members all elected every three years.
Two members elected every three years, represent the Local Union in the board of the Hellenic Wine and Dine Union (POESE),
The Union has its own rented offices and a conference room for its members.